General Usability

Who should use CrimePad® ?

CrimePad® is designed to be used by all personnel involved in crime scene response and criminal investigations. It includes tools for recording activity, evidence, and investigative information.

Can I record multiple scenes for a single case?

Yes. While on the Case Screen, simply choose the +Scene at the bottom of the screen to add a new Scene. For example, if you need to search a suspect’s home you can add a scene to the case to capture all information regarding that search.

Do I have to add elements in a specific order?

The beauty of the layout of CrimePad® is that it allows for ultimate flexibility so you can add elements as you need to. As new things come up in real time, you can quickly add the appropriate element to document it.

How do I add a sketch that I have drawn with pen and paper?

You can easily add a sketch by adding a sketch element and adding a reference image for the sketch. When prompted, choose “From Camera” and take a photo of your sketch with your iPad.

What are “locations”?

Locations are any area within a scene that you wish to define. They may include specific areas where crime scene processing techniques are performed, evidence is collected, or access points are entered and exited at the scene. These locations can be created at any time and used repeatedly within the scene as needed.

How can we protect our iPad from crime scene hazards, such as biological fluids?

While there may not be any personal protective equipment (PPE) designed for the iPad specifically for crime scenes, after-market products like Otterbox’s Defender case for the iPad and iPad mini, can help protect your tablet from damage and contamination. Remember to disinfect your tablet before entering, periodically, and upon exiting the scene to prevent contaminating the scene and to ensure your safety.

Your Data

How do I get my data off of CrimePad® ?

Within CrimePad®, click on a case from the "All Cases" page. Click the "Export" next to the edit button. After typing in a name and clicking "Export a Case", the application will process the export. Next, you can follow these iTunes instructions that Apple provides. In short, you will open iTunes, select your device. Go to the Apps tab and scroll to the bottom. You will then see an icon of CrimePad. Select it to access your exported files.

Export Screen

Is my data backed up?

Yes. If you are a CrimePad for Teams user, your data is automatically backed up every time you sync. If you are not, then your data is only synced if you are backing up to iTunes. This is the standard pocess you will use to sync and back up your entire iPad including all of your apps. This process is completely handled by iTunes and not Visionations, so please refer to your iTunes documentation regarding Sync and Backup:

Can I back up to iCloud?

No. iCloud is primarily meant as a solution for sharing data across devices. Because iCloud is an Apple-only solution, the data can't be shared outside of the Apple universe. Upgrade to a Team License to allow data to be shared across iPads, Windows, and Android devices as well as exported into XML or CSV files.

Can I share data with other CrimePad® users?

Absolutely! We have just released CrimePad® for Teams which allow you to sync all your data up with every other device or user on your team. To find out more, talk with someone from the Visionations team today.

Devices and Purchasing

What devices will CrimePad® work on?

CrimePad® is available for iPad, Windows, Android, and Mac. There is a dedicated app for Apple’s iPad and iPad Mini. You must have iOS 6 or later installed. Additionally, CrimePad can be run on Windows, Mac, and Android via the browser. Please contact us about all the platforms we support.

Do you provide a version for my country/language?

Currently, CrimePad® is designed for the United States. While it may be purchased and used in other countries, the language is English and the workflow is US-based. We are planning to support country-specific languages and workflows in the future. Please contact us through our support form if you are interested in international support.

Is there a way to purchase CrimePad® for an entire department?

Yes, we have built CrimePad for Teams specifically for departments. Talk with someone from the Visionations team today.

How can I help improve CrimePad® or other products?

Visionations is committed to ensuring CrimePad® meets the needs of the crime scene community and places a high value on user feedback. There are a couple ways you can share your ideas and comments on the app. The primary way is to fill in the support form below. Due to the high interest, we won't always be able to respond directly. In addition, Visionations is currently partnering with several police and crime scene organizations to formally beta-test upcoming features in CrimePad®. Collectively, the input from you and other highly engaged crime scene professionals will help shape the future development of CrimePad®.

Visioneer Account

I didn't need a Visioneer account before, why do I need one now?

Visionations first and foremost is committed to your security. CrimePad 2.0 introduces password protection for your data. In order to allow for password protection, we needed to ensure that there was a way to reset your passwords. Creating a free Visioneer account allows us to easily reset your password for you so that you never have to worry about being locked out from your data.

I can't seem to create a Visioneer account.

Creating a Visioneer account requires you to have an active connection to the internet the entire time when setting up your user account. Please check the connection on your iPad to make sure you are connected to the internet. After that, you will no longer need an internet connection unless you need to reset your password.

Contact Support

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